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Whoa! News! (sorry I'm cutting into the conversation again)

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided to take up Prop 8 (the ban against gay marriage in California) and DOMA (the so-called Defense of Marriage Act which bans that federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages). Several things could happen:

- They could rule against the bans, but only inasmuch as they would say that you can't take away a right once it was given (in California we had same-sex marriage for a short while in a few places before Prop 8) or that it's up to states to decide how to handle this, striking down DOMA but leaving all the bans in over 30 states.

- They could rule that bans on same-sex marriage are just flat-out unconstitutional and all the bans would go away. Same-sex marriage would be legal everywhere.

- They could also rule in favor of the bans, even possibly taking away the right to marry in those states that already have laws saying it's okay.

- They could do something really unexpected and surprising that does something completely different.

But in any case it'll probably be months and months before they even start hearing arguments.

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