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    dudebot says:

    While I do agree with Khawill and Astinus for the most part of his post, it's often best to wait until climatic moments to "filler" up your sentences.

    To summarize, people aren't going to remember that great breakfast that the trainer had with his/her mom nearly as much as the pokemon (s)he chose. So, it's best to keep those moments to a minimal.

    However, for moments where you do want to spruce up a sentence, use mental imagery.

    Whereas you normally have to explain things in basic style,

    Originally Posted by Example 1
    I picked up the pokeball containing Charmander.
    you instead describe the atmosphere, the moment and the action all at once.

    Originally Posted by Example 2
    In the lab of Professor Oak, one red and white ball called to me above the others. It seemed to pull my hand towards it. As I reached, I could feel the warmth of the fiery lizard inside. I knew my choice well. As of today, I made a friend in Charmander.
    This way, people don't get lost trying to read every other sentence, but the moments that you make special will be interpreted as such.