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Currently working on the vs screens still (I have felt like I got hit with a sickness lately, no idea how I got it or what it is but eh). When I got halfway though level 10, I decided to try and fix the unova backsprites and is now my current objective. They are tiny, taking away from a lot of the scary pokemon effect. So far I only have one done which is the news proof picture thing. Anyway, I'll get them all resized and positioned, then maybe do the opponent position adjusting.

Proof Picture Stuff! Come and see it while it's new and inviting with it's majestic qualities!!!

I will keep testing the vs screens and last pokemon messages, but I'll do this first because I'm bored and like spriting more than battling at the moment.

EDIT: Some of the pokemon were too big or too small, some were odd proportioned to other species, etc. So I'm using bw sprites and completely doing them all on my own from 'scratch' taking ripped ones and sizing them for the game. Going to take awhile, but I'm hoping to have it done by the end of the weekend.

EDIT 2: Progress at this time for Edit one, making the sprites from BW
Kanto- Done
Johto- Done
Hoenn- Not started
Sinnoh- Not Started
Unova- Not Started
Unown Forms- Done
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