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I'm not really going to quote a lot of specific parts of the chapter (a change, I know!) but I'll start by saying that it definitely gives an interesting new perspective on things.

It would seem that, in stark contrast to Michael not thinking about his mom a whole lot during his trip so far, she's been thinking of him constantly. And, especially given the volatile relationship between mother and son, it's really interesting (and maybe a bit surprising) that she's taking his disappearance as hard as she is. It's not quite the same thing but I know my mom (ironically also named Patricia) and dad threw a huge party when I left for college and the only mess in the house was a result of that, lol

It actually looks to be a bit of post-traumatic stress syndrome that Patricia's going through, and something like the disappearnace of a child could bring that on. But it also seems clear that she was putting on a facade of toughness in front of Michael - evidenced by her complete breakdown and loss of identity for awhile. But I think most parents do that, especially when their kid's stirring up trouble. I know mine did.

I'm all too familiar with people playing favorites. Teachers I've had have done it. The Pokemon franchise does it with my least favorite trainer and least favorite Pokemon. And it might have happened with my own family, though I might have been partly to blame - my brother was always better at playing by the rules and submitting to authority, and just generally more agreeable with my parents, than I was - I've been a bit of a rebel, like Michael, actually. But with us, I don't think we gravitated toward one parent or the other like the Rowan boys did.

Well, that's enough of me comparing my family life to the Rowans' lol. I am glad Patricia took the time to think about the situation regarding her relationship with Michael... definitely something tough to reflect on, but in the end it looked like it helped clear her mind and start her off on the road to putting her fractured life back together.

And because I feel I need to quote something:
“Kid’ll go places. Just wait.”
He doesn't know how right he is

But I can understand the need to take off in order to search your soul and find yourself. That's not why Lisa left on her journey, but honestly, I've felt like doing that myself a few times... just hop on a Greyhound bus and go somewhere to clear my mind... then I check my bank account, lol

This was a nice interesting break from the main journey to see that things are not all well (but perhaps improving) back at the Rowan household, and I liked that it added quite a bit to Patricia's personality, instead of making her the mom that gets forgotten about way too often in Pokemon stories.

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