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    Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
    I think a remake is just as likely to be the first 3DS mainstream game for Pokemon as Gen VI is, they're both going to be big titles nonetheless which would both sell indefinitely.
    But RSE remakes first would completely steal Gen. VI's thunder. I mean, sure, GF liks money, so it's very likely that RSE remakes will happen, but it's more important to continue the series than to make remakes, as much as I enjoy the remakes, and Hoenn. :3

    Originally Posted by Emrald View Post
    They did the same with the Advanced Generation after the Deoxys movie. Deoxys was the last Hoenn Legendary to be revealed and that was in 2004, yet the Advanced generation in the Anime continued for another 2 more years.
    Ah. . . really? But in 2004 we already had RBY remakes in FRLG, all that was left was Emerald. There's no remakes in sight yet, and we've already had all Pokemon revealed this Gen., so I'm not inclined to believe that there'll be remakes this Gen.