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Originally Posted by MacNCheeze210 View Post
Oh.. Im new to this. sorry....yea

Username: MacNCheeze210
Pokemon: Chansey
Nickname (if want one): Chance
Gender: Female
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Serene Grace
IVs: Flawless
Shiny: Only if first time without AR it hatches shiny (so no)
Egg Moves: give it a unique one
Hatch Location: N's Castle
Other: I have a Mienshao thats lvl 95. not sure about IV's but it seems there in its Attack and Accuracy. High Jump Kick Never misses, (or barely) if you want a clone ill send it over for u to clone.
I do not use my AR to RNG or else it'll be considered hacking. RNG is a legit way to hatch shinies without the use of any external devices. I can do shiny if that's what you want. Also, I am doing this in White so N's Castle isn't a possible hatch location. I can clone the Mienshao and trade the original back to you. :)
Originally Posted by 90210 View Post
Here is a breeding request for you if you have nothing else to do EV <3

Username: johnny18 or 90210
Pokemon: Petilil
Nickname (if want one): .....
Gender: always female
Nature: Modest
Ability: Chlorophyll
IVs: 31/30/31/30/31/30 (HP Fire) or 31/31/30/30/31/30 (HP Rock). You should do both for me :P
Shiny: It is a must please
Egg Moves: Healing Wish
Hatch Location: n/a
Other: n/a
Thanks a bunch johnny. :D
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