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Gyarados' attack missed! Wild Audino uses Double-Edge! Gyarados must recharge! Wild Audino uses Double-Edge! Critical hit! Gyarados faints! Use next Pokémon?


This happens shows up who doesn't use Heal Pulse. My hatred comes from those. This is why I do not feel guilty.
LMAO DUDE you PWNED my Gyarados!!.....why? whhhhyyyyyyyyy!!! lol

True though, I don't feel bad....Audino reminds me of a cute teddy bear I had growing up....dude I loved that bear...I used to talk to it...walk with it..sleep with it.....but then the day came when I watched my first ever WRESTLING match......and I may have walked with that teddy and slept with that teddy and shared my secrets with that Teddy...

BUT nothing compared to the joy I got from kicking the living crap outta that Teddy.....

Apply the above scenario to Audino and you have my closed
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