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    Thomas Elias Brown
    Randy Greyson Jr.
    Time to fight!

    Thomas got unboard the bus and sat in his seat, feeling Esper's ball in his pocket. To his surprise, Randy followed him! Randy sat next tto him and simply glared at the person that he took the seat from, a slightly older boy. The boy shrugged and moved on, and Thomas gave Randy a quizical look.

    "What was that about dude? It was his seat." Thomas said questioningly. The answer he got was not the one he wanted, but pretty much what he expected.

    "So what? If he wants it he can try and take it back!" Randy said. Typical bully. Thomas nodded along, filing this fact away for later use.

    "Ok... Why not just take the seat that was assigned to you?" Thomas asked curiously. This was kind of fun, learning what kind of person the other boy was through his reactions. And boy, did Randy react.

    "Because, I don't have to. I'm a trainer, I'm special. If ypou simply roll over and accept what you are given you'll never go ahywhere in life! You have to stand up for yourself and take what you want!" Randy said, actually sounding proud of this. Thomas wanted to smack the smugness off of his face. What a moron!

    "Even if it's as trivial as a seat on a bus?" Thomas asked with a shrug.

    "Especially then. The small things add up, and if you can't take it from when it's small, then you won't be able to when it's big!" Randy said, Thomas supressed a chuckle, but the person behind them did not. He chuckled and Randy turned to glare at him.

    "What are you laughing at, punk?" Randy asked. The person laughing turned out to be the one Randy had stolen the seat from! He was a tall young man of around sixteen years. His fiery red hair was wild and tangled, and fell to his shoulders. He was wearing a green polo shirt, with a chain around his neck, a cheap steel dragon charm on the end with blue glass eyes.His eyes were a mild brown color, and he has a slight scar on his face. His skin was tanned, like he had been in the sun for a while. On his right index finger was a large ring, like a class ring, with a sapphire on it, and an odd looking crest on either side of the stone. He was wearing simple blue jeams and heavy work boots to complete his ourfit. Despite his humble appearence, Thomas felt he might be someone that would be involved a lot in the future.

    "I'm sorry, was what you said not meant to be amusing?" the boy said, his voice thick with a British accent. He smiled charmingly at Thomas and Randy, the former of whom smiled back.

    "This is a private convosation pal!" Randy said with a scowl.

    "Shut up Randy. I'm Thomas, and this guy is Randy. Wassup?" Thomas said, extending a hand to the boy.

    "Oh jolly good to meet you! I am Quincy!" Quincy said, shaking hands. Thomas smiled as the boy gripped his hand firmly. He applied equal pressure and smirked a bit.

    "Yeah, a pleasure." Randy said angrily.

    "Charming as it was, I have a question for you to ponder about your view on things. You take what you want and care about nothing else, correct? And you do this with the pokemon you possess. What about your pokemon, do you care about it? Either of you?" Quincy asked. Thomsas nodded vigurously, feeling Esper's ball in his pocket.

    "Ha! I took this elektrike too!" Randy said.

    "I beg your pardon?" Quincy asked, sounding shocked.

    "You stole your pokemon? No wonder he hates you dude." Thomas said with a scowl. Stealing pokemon, how low could you get! Quincy appeared to share his sentament. But Randy wasn't done. "Yeah, this guy was way more badass than my rattata. So I made this stupid punk trade me him. Hah, best deal I ever got!"

    "I see. A word of advice then Randy. There are forces at work that would destroy you if they found out this fact. Do not boast about it." Quincy said warningly. Randy smirked.

    "Hah! If they come after me I'll just beat their asses!" he said.

    "Oh please... The way you were talking to your pokemon you would lose. The bonds that build strength are from the heart, like me and Esper." Thomas said with a shrug.

    "No, the way to get strong is to take it! Train hard and take it that way, or just take some other idiots pokemon, it doesn't matter! As long as you get stronger!" Randy said. Thomas closed his eyes. This guy... Was such a moron. If you didn't earn the respect and trust of your pokemon they wouldn't want to return that trust. Without that bond, there was no room to grow. When the bus stopped for a slight layover to give the driver time to refuel a car pulled up. Thomas, Randy, and Quincy were all sitting on a bench nearby, enjoying the cool night air, Randy smoking a cigarette.

    "We are the Knights of Valor! give up now trainers!" the leader said. He looked young, and kind of stupid.

    "Give up? As if!" Randy said. Thomas sighed.

    "How would you know there are trainers here?" Quincy asked, giving the three an appraising look. Thomas shook his head.

    "Easy! All the busses have a log recording how many trainers used their service! I know there are a few here, and we have come to make you release the pokemon you have wrongly taken from their homes!" the man said. Randy and Thomas both stood up.

    "Oh yeah! I'll kick your ass so hard your mama will feel it!" Randy said angrily.

    "No one is taking Esper from me. Not if he doesn't want to go!" Thomas said. Quincy sighed and shook his head. The duo of trainers, both pulled out their pokeballs.

    "Hah! The two of you can't beat us!" the leader said. Thomas smiled.

    "We'll see about that! Randy, you take this idiot, I'll beat the other two myself!" Thomas said.

    "Hell no! I'll take two. A wimp like you can't even handle one." Randy said. Quincy sighed and pulled out a pokeball as well, shaking his head.

    "There ARE three of us. Honestly, you two need to stop bickering if we are to be victorious!" Quincy said, and Thomas tossed his pokeball, revealing Esper. Randy sent out his Elektrike, of course. And Quincy tossed a pokeball, revealing a small green lizard. Thomas pulled out his pokedex and learned that it was a Treecko! A rare pokemon from a far off land apparently. It looked lean and mean, and ready to fight! Esper sent Thomas a questioning thought, purring at the men, who each had pokeballs of their own.
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