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Okay, here is a slight update!

It's nothing too big, just a few graphical things like sprites and general tile updates. I've been browsing deviantART for some tiles and finally found the original tiles for my grassy mountain tile. I've edited it and made it into a regular rocky cliff tile, so the previous tiles which were the one tile high HG/SS tiles have now been removed. I've also ripped a few things from the said game and inserted it in Zircon; two things being the sign and arrows. It's nothing big as I already said, but I think it looked nice in the game!

Here is an example on Route 2...

Also, there is a required quest that the first Gym Leader, Folia will give you. In order to progress through the story, you will have to find the key to her Gym, which she lost in Dencreep Forest. Here are a few screenshots from that quest... and guess who makes their debut appearance? That's right, Team Nemesis!

Also, shadows have been implemented and Lavapho's sprite has been updated to the previous version, however the necessary color changes have been made. Aside from the custom tiles I'm getting commissioned, the game itself is done up until the second Gym. :'D I'll be doing some beta testing and if everything goes well... a demo could be released soon! Don't get your hopes up though, I'm a horrible perfectionist.

That concludes this mini-update!
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