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I really want braces ;n; I have a crossbite which resulted in TMJ, which my dentist told me braces could fix but alas no insurance u_u

I have an impacted wisdom tooth coming in which is just screwing my jaw up even more, and again the lack of insurance ugh ugh ugh. It was actually the pain of that wisdom tooth that inspired this thread xD

As far as care goes I brush, floss, and swish mouth wash twice a day. I'm kind of fanatical about them, I went out of my way to buy the dental instruments they use for cleanings to do my own teeth every month or two. And I'm a little obsessed with whitening them; I'm sure I'm going to have some enamel and sensitivity problems in the future but they just look so nice ;n;

I think I'm a little obsessed because when I was younger with baby teeth I was never taught proper oral hygiene thus I had many cavities and a root canal when I was seven, that's definitely one way to learn your lesson. :\
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