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Well... here's the summary of the episode apparently...

"The Unova League fiercely continues into the fourth round. Ash and Kotetsu's battle continues to become even more extreme. Kotetsu's partner Riolu then evolves into the Wave Pokemon Lucario. With all of its moves powered up plus learning a new move, Ash and Snivy are both cornered..."

Nope not liking this. Hydreigon must have knocked out several of his Pokemon or Ash's Pokemon was simply knocked around in general before Riolu because Pikachu takes down two of his Pokemon as we have seen. Not sure why it says 'Ash and Snivy' when the title is Lucario vs. Pikachu either. :|b

Idk. This almost seems like they just want to get this league over with and move on to the plasma saga now.
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