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Yuri smiled and looked at the Heracross. "You can call me Yuri! And I think I can find our trainers..." She looked around. [I]"But we should wait for Primrose and Rosemary to come back," she added. "Here we are!" Primrose walked out of the bushes, with Rosemary following closely behind. Yuri smiled. [I]"Then I guess we're ready!" she said happily. She froze as she heard a girl scream. "I know that voice anywhere... Kayla!" She jumped off of Heracross's head and ran in the direction of the scream. Molly gasped and followed. "Yuri!" The other pokemon stayed behind, unsure of what to do. "Should we follow them?" Primrose asked, looking at Rosemary. The kitten shrugged. "There's no way that something bad can happen to Kayla in the forest two days in a row..."

Holly glared at Kayla when she screamed. She watched the Caterpie crawl slowly across the forest floor. "Calm down, Kayla... It's just a tiny little bug." Kayla nodded and looked around nervously. "If we run into a bigger bug, then I'm using you as a shield. It should buy me a few seconds... After all, one of those things could slice through you in no time." She made sure to put emphasis on the word those so that Holly would know which bug she's talking about. Holly sighed. "Let's just find our pokemon."
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