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    Naren Warren

    The next day Naren set off toward Petalburg City. This took an extra hour due to Zeus and Hermes bickering on her bedsheets while she was in the shower. By bickering, she of course met biting at each other's throats. They were honestly quite troublesome, but all the same, she wasn't sure how well saying that would go. So in the end, Naren decided firmly to return Hermes to his ball and almost did the same to Zeus. However, she didn't want to be completely defenseless out here. Besides... he didn't seem to like the ball much.

    Zeus trotted along ahead of her, sniffing patiently at the air. This weird sound kept moving around in his hearing... not even leaving a smell. It was rather obnoxious and rude. If you would like to fight then fight. Do not dance around like a coward. He stopped to look at Naren, noticing her having stopped to look at a berry tree. There weren't many Berry trees in Johto. People mostly grew Apricorns there. It was rather sad actually.

    I wish I had a pouch, she thought wistfully, walking away from the plants to continue on the journey ahead. Zeus shook his head and plodded after her. Humans, he decided, were flipping insane. He reached her quickly and climbed up her shoulder, sitting on a careful perch of Naren's collarbone. The girl reached to scratch one of his ears and looked around nervously. Her eyes had been playing tricks on her all day. "H-Hey Zeus... you been hearin' any funny noises?" She had been catching sight of this odd aura flickering around... it was quite unnerving.

    Zeus blinked. Well color him impressed. Maybe she had some hope after all. She stopped for a moment as a small creature teleported, green helmet hiding pink eyes. It looked at them with a little grin on its face and paused, prepared to disappear again. However, Zeus didn't let that happen, smacking into the creature with a growl. "Teach you to mess with my head." Electricity burst around his tiny, yellow body, making the creature screech and vanish. Zeus cursed as only a Pokemon could.

    Naren looked around, seeing the faintest violet aura appear behind a tree. "Z-Zeus," she called nervously, but the Pokemon paid her no heed, padding towards a different scent that was profoundly distracting. "Zeus wait!" He turned to look at her, only to be smacked by a pink blast of energy. Behind the tree was the sound of a snicker and Zeus fired again. He missed and was smacked back, this time into a tree.

    "This is the second time this has happened to me..." He groaned as Naren returned him, almost panicky as the creature appeared and disappeared to land in front of her. She would have kept him out... but if he had a concussion she didn't know what she would do. She released Hermes, who glowered at her.

    He huffed, shaking his spiky fur with annoyance. ”Feel like letting me out now huh?” Before Naren could answer the Zigzagoon was bowled over by a flying tackle. At last Naren was able to get a full glimpse of the creature, what looked like a child with green hair. A Ralts… which, now that she looked at it, had a very odd aura. It kept changing color. Maybe that was a trait of Psychic Pokemon. She didn’t know. It snickered at her and Naren flushed with shame. The creature prepared to move but Hermes was for once a bit faster, Headbutting the Ralts right in the face. It tottered and Hermes just stared. Were Ralts really that shoddy?

    It scowled now and spun a blast of energy at her Pokemon, who was spun head over heels. He scrambled up and bit into the Ralts by reflex causing a frantic squeal. Naren panicked a little, not sure if she could pull out a Pokeball or not in this situation.

    “Looks like you aren’t too good at this huh?” A blonde observed this, popping a bubble of Dittent brand chewing gum. He smiled at her through another one, looking almost mischievous. “Would you like some help?”
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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