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Ben Foster

The sunset was nice. Ben leaned back in his chair, pinning it against the pillar behind him. Sienna napped somewhat restlessly on his lap, carelessly scratching at the air every few minutes. As he had nothing to do while waiting for the ceremony to start, Ben decided he’d take a rest outside a local coffee shop. And after a short walk, he found one.

Placing his hands behind his head, Ben kept his gaze fixed upon the sunset. Then suddenly a deep, rugged voice spoke from behind him. He would’ve been startled had he not been so familiar with it’s owner.

“Good to see you again, Ben.” The owner of the voice walked around and took a seat opposite of him, situating them in a face to face conversation. The man in front of him was a giant compared to Ben, and probably a giant in contrast to anyone. He stood at a solid six feet and six inches and even sitting down he still appeared huge.

“Likewise, Greg.” Greg was an old childhood friend of Ben’s, they had grown up together before Ben set out for his journey. Though, back then both of them were just little kids. The next time Ben saw him after his departure he was shocked to see how much tall his friend had gotten. They used to both be around the same height, but obviously that was no longer the case. Regardless the two were still good friends but recently they hadn’t talked much. Fortunately it never took long for the two to catch up.

They conversed casually for some time, but then Greg brought up the recent behavior of wild pokemon.

“So you’re telling me this isn’t normal?” A look of curiosity formulated on Ben’s face, this was news to him.

“Hell if it were, do you think Johto would even allow for trainers to tread such dangerous grounds, or even have civilians live here?” Greg returned the look. “Whatever is going on, I think it has something to do with Suicune’s disappearance.”

According to Ben’s reaction, he had no clue and he was a bit of a skeptic. An eyebrow arched up and he scrunched his face as he slammed the front legs of his chair into the ground. “You’re kidding, right? Suicune’s really just up and disappeared and people are concerned about it? Isn’t that the whole allure about legendaries, rarely seen by human eye?”

Greg frowned and contemplated the thought. “True, but just the timing of it all is too much to not bring concern to the public. One of the legendary beasts “disappears”, as you might say, and then all the wild pokemon in Johto are acting on deranged instincts. Think about it.”

Ben couldn’t help but to agree with him. Greg often proved himself good at connecting pieces of the puzzle so he wouldn’t doubt him now. Feeling Sienna beginning to stir, he quickly pulled out a pokeball and returned the Vulpix. Greg had just noticed Ben’s new pokemon, and felt a bit embarrassed for being so slow to notice as he mentioned it. “New?”

“Yeah, caught her a couple of weeks ago. Lucky she wasn’t part of the whole wild pokemon fiasco.”

“Definitely. Look, Ben, I have to go tend to some business so I’ll see around man.” Greg got out of his seat, his huge stature towering over Ben once more.

Ben looked up at his giant friend, surprised he was already leaving. “Aren’t you sticking around for the Suicune Ceremony?”

“I wish but this is sort of... urgent.” Greg chuckled trying make light of whatever it was but Ben could see the tint of anxiety in his face when he spoke of it. Whatever it was, it was best not to stick his nose into someone else’s business. Ben got out of his own seat, shook his friend’s hand and said his goodbye. The two went off in separate directions, with Ben heading towards the Dance Theatre in hopes to snatch an early spot or seat.
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