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Hey there! I'm having trouble hitting the delays.

I'm using RNG reporter 8.31 on a mac.
Using ZomgTimer

I find a seed by using time finder.
I copy the seed and paste it in the main Reporter window and correct the settings accordingly. (to what I put in the time finder).
I go to the Seed to Times window and insert the hex. Seconds I put 30. Delays 10 and then 50. Seconds 1 and then 2.
I click generate and choose a hex to use.
I open Zomgtimer and insert: Calibrated Delay 600 Target delay 623 Calibrated Sec. 14 Target second 30
I open my DS and set the dates accordingly. I am on the time section in settings on my ds.
I press OK simultaneously as i press OK on the computer.
I turn off my DS and restart it.
I wait on the home screen until 6 beeps (I have it set as 5 beeps, but it does 6?)
I press A really fast and come to the title screen in the game while beeps are going.
I press A when it's near the last beep
Journal page pops up
I press Generate in the Seed to Time window
I do the flips and record them in the Find Flips
It says it isn't in the database.
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