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    It's been a while... Schoolwork has really disrupted much of my time hunting, but apparently I used up an entire week to obtain the shiny charm... With this new thing at hand, I promised myself I'd start hunting after the break... But temptation struck... Due to being forced on bedrest for breaking my back, the temptation has broken through!!! Currently at a hunt for Frillish, and according to the Trainer Card.... 1142 REs so far...

    Well, good luck to everyone else who is out there. Hopefully this shiny charm will do us some good?

    I'm... so... happy... and... depressed at the same time.... Ugh... My first RE'd shiny didn't go well... Fishing spot had to pop up randomly and I wasn't watching...

    She has a Bashful and appeared after 10 REs after my dinner break... I wasn't looking when the fishing spot appeared... When I stared down I was like "Odd... Purple... YESYESYES, Wait... NOOOOOOOOOO!" And there you have it... First RE'd shiny on first day... I'd say if it was for Frillish, it would be about.... 1842 REs...

    I feel so spited!!!! I'm gonna triple DS RE now! Frillish!!!!!!!!!!!
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