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First update!
  • Obtained Fins the Mudkip (Rock Smash, Surf, Waterfall, Dive HM Slave) as starter at Route 101
  • Beat May
  • Caught Fruits the Wurmple at Route 101 (lv3)
  • Caught Trades the Ralts
  • Fruits evolved to Silcoon at Route 102
  • Fruits evolved to Beautifly at Route 104
  • Obtained Dots the Seedot from trading Trades in Rustboro City (lv4)
  • Dots evolved to Nuzleaf in Rustboro City Gym while disobeying commands
  • Defeated Roxanne (Fruits lv15, Dots lv16)
  • Beat May again
  • Delivered letter to Steven
  • Defeated Brawly (Fruits lv20, Dots lv17)
  • Delivered goods to Capt. Stern
  • Backtracked to Rustboro City and got the Exp. Share
  • Backtracked to Slateport City
  • Caught Cuts the Oddish (Cut, Flash HM Slave) at Route 110 as a Tropius (Cut, Fly, Strength, Flash HM Slave) substitute
  • Beat May yet again
  • Beat Wally
  • Gave Rare Candy to Fruits to learn Silver Wind
  • Defeated Wattson (Fruits lv34, Dots lv26)
  • Beat Maxie
  • Defeated Flannery (Fruits lv44, Dots lv31)
  • Caught Tops the Baltoy at Route 111 (lv21)
  • Immediately replaced Tops' Selfdestruct with TM Dig (which is thankfully 60 base power from Gen II-III) to fulfill restriction
  • Backtracked to Petalburg City

Current Stats + Team
Name: Patrick
Money: P98369
Location: Petalburg City
Gym Badges: 4
Pokédex: 11
Time: 13:50

Tops the Baltoy ( ) @ Exp. Share
Level 26
Ability: Levitate
-Mud Slap

Dots the Nuzleaf (M) @ BlackGlasses
Level 36
Ability: Early Bird
-Faint Attack
-Bullet Seed
-Rock Tomb
-Nature Power

Fruits the Beautifly (F) @ Soothe Bell
Level 44
Ability: Swarm
-Silver Wind
-Giga Drain
-Stun Spore

Originally Posted by KoboraX View Post
Sign me up for Pearl. I wish I could do this on White 2, but I'm not getting it until Christmas :(
Here you go. :D

Favorite non-legendary Pokémon
In-game trade Pokémon
Fossil Pokémon
NFE Pokémon
Pokémon from evil team of your game with attacks that have 70 base damage or less
Pokémon that learns Smokescreen, Haze, or Smog and has to keep it