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    I was thinking about doing an english translation, but i think i'm not the man to do some sort of free translation...
    Also what we had to to would be a translation of the graphical stuff, because we can't just change the rombase, as you can read we already are near to beta 2 which goes up to the 7th badge and is at about 70% of the whole project. If we would do an english rombase we had to translate that for our german community members hehe.

    Anyway i'm very statified you like the thing, also I want to specially thank an guy of the forums here, it's "diegoisawesome", he helped me a lot with the rockfall thingy, he gave me his code for this and I also extended it to make simple script execution possible, in my opinion: AWESOME, thank you very much for this

    And for the end: Special thanks to Alen, who is a german romhacker and moderator at RHR, he translated our posting to plain english, special thanks for that to him, he is a great guy also on the german forums

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