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Well, this thing is pretty great in my Shiny has three great's female (which is rare for starter Pokemon)'s Adamant (a good nature for it, considering its physical attacks are the ones that are the best)...and it's got some 30/31 IVs. But there's a downside, still...the Attack stat doesn't get all the rainbows -- its IV? 5. It's still being traded around, but it's a pretty good Pokemon, because I only RNG abused it for shininess, I just took the chance to associate the Mudkip into the shiny frame that has these stuffs. Those IVs are just it's awesome that it gets such an array of IVs. I think it's got three good IVs or something...
Something that would be more awesome? I dunno, but maybe my first B2 RNG abuse project -- a flawless Adamant Zekrom. The plan is to catch it in an Ultra Ball...formerly, the plan was to catch it in a Dusk Ball, but Dragonspiral Tower's not classified as a cave. And I won't use the Luxury plan's to mix aesthetics and utility.
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