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    James “Jay” Rybak

    After a forty-five minute trek from atop the volcano of this island to the Raikou Dorm, Orange and I were exhausted from our voyage. I followed the plain dirt path to the Raikou Dorm which was surrounded by other grey buildings such as the blue roof topped Suicune Dorm and the red roof topped Entei Dorm. The Raikou Dorm was a drab grey, rectangular building with a slanting, daffodil yellow roof. In front of the building, were two doors with transparent windows, the doors were most likely the main entrance. On either side of the doors were two four-squared windows. I could spy a green potted plant behind the left window. On top of the doors was a wooden sign with the words Raikou Dorm on top of the entrance.

    Once Orange and I entered the two doorways into the inside of the building, I took a sign of relief. The first room I saw within the dorm was a lobby. The carpet was a light chaste red. The walls were yellow like the rooftop of the building. There were three, green sofas surrounding a television in a crescent moon shape at the left side of the lobby. In the middle of the circle was a tan coffee table with various newspaper and magazines. At the right side of the lobby was a counter with a woman dressed in a yellow uniform behind the counter. Two hallways stretched from either side of the far ends of the room with the signs with the arrows pointing further into the hallways with the labels, Rooms 50-100 and Rooms 1-49.

    I walked up to the counter to speak to the lady, “Hello ma’am,may I receive the keys to my room in this dorm? Also, could you give my friend who entered this building his keys as well? Thank you in advance.”

    I showed my trainer ID card to the lady to reveal my identity to the woman. The woman took a quick look at the card, and went to the shelves behind the counter. She came back two, golden keys, one for Orange and one for me. Engraved in my key was the number of the room, sixty-six.

    “Thank you ma’am,” I say.

    I head to the direction of the left hallway with the arrow with the paper with the words Rooms 50-100. As I walked down the hallway, I found Room 66 on the first floor of the dorm. I push my key within the hole ofthe door knob, and turned the key both sides to try to unlock the door. Once I heard a click, I pushed opened the door to reveal my room.

    The room reminded me of a hotel room, except there was only one bed and the bed could only fit one person. The carpet was the same light chaste red as the carpet in the lobby. The ceiling and the walls were a simple white. There was a bed in the middle of the right side of the room. While the frame of the bed was a wooden brown, the sheets and the four pillows rested upon the top of the bed were white as the walls. To the left of the bed were a desk and a chair similar to office desks and chairs. The desk had four drawers on each side of the drawer. On top of the desk were a lamp, a tissue box, an alarm clock, a pen, and paper. On the left side of the room were a TV, a closet,and another desk. The desk was larger than the other desk. In the back of the room were two large windows that if you were to open them, you could easily walk outside. Curtains were draped over the windows, but showed parts of the windows through. Next to the closet was another door opened. Inside was a bathroom.

    I took my blue and brown messenger bag, and opened it to dump the contents of the bag out on the floor of the main part of the room.Items from clothes to a berry case to much more items fell out. I took my clothes and pajamas that fell out from the bag to hang them inside the closet.Next, I grabbed my toiletries to place them on the sink of the bathroom. I placed my personal biology textbook and most of my art supplies in the drawers of the desk. I put my water bottle, berry case, notebook for recording the biology of Pokemon, pencils and colored pencils, and my sketch book back into my messengerbag. I gathered three pillows from the bed, and placed them on the larger desk with no items on top of it yet. I arranged the three pillows in a fashion to make three makeshift beds for my three Pokemon.

    I held up three Pokeballs from the pocket of my jeans, and opened them. Three beams of light flashed in the room to end up resulting in three bird Pokemon of different species. Samuel, my Pidgey, was exploring the room with a curious spark in his eyes. Emil, my Swablu, flew to the three pillows with her cloud-like wings to examine the soft pillows that were soft as her wings. Nalafari, my Starly, was wandering around the room, most likely searching for a high perch.

    I grabbed my messenger bag and placed it around me. Once again, I signaled my three birds to perch on me by holding up my left arm. The birds perched on my left arm as I walked towards the door to the hallway with my key. Once I stepped out of the room with my Pokemon and into the hallway, I closed the door and locked it. I began to head to the lobby and the main entrance.I decided to head to the beach to observe the biology of the seafaring Pokemon by using my notebook, and to sketch the beach in my sketchbook.

    Once I arrived at the beach, I went to my favorite spot on the beach. I went to the cove near the plains, and sat atop a rock at the cove.I’ve always loved this area. The scent of seawater from the sea, and the wildflowers from the plains reminded me of my home. I was born in Cherrygrove City of Johto. Cherrygrove was a city near the sea, and usually had fresh flowers around all seasons. I had lived there for most of my life. The scent just makes me feel at home like I had never left Cherrygrove. I let my bird Pokemon fly free into the air.

    The urges of my hobbies were nagging at me, and I took out my notebook, sketchbook, and my pencil to observe the area and draw the area. I took some footnotes of the Pokemon of the sea in my notebook, and drew a figure drawing of the area and the surrounding Pokemon in my sketchbook. I felt so absorbed in my activities that I forgot about the time.

    ((OrangeNess allowed me to bunny his character for this post.))

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