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*Wakes Up* ... *Looks Around*... Oh, Hi Everyone! Miss Me? Sorry for the absence, I've been pretty busy and preoccupied. Good News though! The hack is still scheduled for the 25th of this month. But, I've had thoughts that I should release it on the 26th or 31st. Cause let's face it, all of you are gonna be distracted with your Christmas presents lol. Like other video games and all sorts of different things. So if I released it on the day after or on the last month of December, you'd probably play and appreciate it more. Last, Hinkage, Pokemon Hyetology creator, is finishing up the rest of the hack. If you've played his hack, you'd know he's skilled at hacking. So, it's in good hands while I'm busy.

Another thing I almost forgot to mention; I advise Everyone who'll be playing the final version this month to start over. It's not mandatory, but highly recommended. Since Atif re-did the mapping, I've added a new location somewhere early in the hack. The event is optional but it has information and foreshadowing events for Dark Rising 2. You'll also encounter a "Familiar Yet Surprising" character and you get to battle this person. There's also new areas in beta 2 I recently added that I've yet to show in a post with another character I'm sure you'll all be shocked to see. Let The Countdown Continue!

Oh, and alienhunterx, yes the exp share was intentional. Every starter in the wild has an exp.share.