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Evie Bellarost
Chance beach Encounter
The trip to the beach was relatively short to Evie’s surprise, the warm sun overhead caressing her skin as she went. Soon the dirt beaten track turned to sand under foot, with bushes and trees being replaced with long spiky grass and white sand. The air here was sweet with the distance scents of flowers from the plain intertwining with the warm yet bitter scent of salt from the expansive blue, sea which now lay in front of her, light bouncing off its surface like a thousand fire flies. The call of wingulls wavered through the air over the hushed tones of surf. It was beautiful here, so much so that when Evie entered the bay, she found herself still, her green eyes soaking in everything they could.

Leka, on the other hand, was not amused. The feeling of sand under his paws, irritating him to the point of every step that he would try and dislodge as much sand as possible, by shaking a paw franticly. After a while though, he gave up, leaping onto Evie’s large messenger bag, and nuzzling in under her arm, out of reach of the hot, biting grit. Letting out a snort, he looked up at Evie and mewed, impatient to find a place to sit and rest.

Evie smiled and lifted up her arm to peer at the Pokémon, who gave her a stern look back, before she giggled and began to move again. Removing a green ribbon from her wrist, she swept back her silver hair into a lose ponytail, tying it neatly with the green fabric. She just had to draw this place and to do so, she couldn’t have her hair getting in the way.

Absentmindedly Evie traced what she had thought to be old foot prints in the sand, carefully placing one foot after the other, into the deep impressions, while looking for a perfect spot to draw. She moved slowly until rounding a rock leading to a small sheltered cove. Here she paused, taking in the heavier air in a long inhale. The scent of flowers was stronger here, and the cove made sound of the sea somewhat muted and distant. But it was not this that made her pause.
Upon a rock, set into the back of the cove was a boy with blonde hair, he seemed to be scribbling in something, possibly a note book or sketch book, but from this distance Evie couldn’t be sure. What she could be sure of, however, were her nerves. She hadn’t expected to see anyone on her trip out and she was most certainly not ready to meet anyone new. Her jeans tatty and her silver hair in tangled knots, she looked like a tramp!
Letting out a quiet squeak of surprise, Evie darted back behind a rock, pressing herself to its warm, uneven surface. She could feel her insides knotted with anxiety. “no, no, no!” she whispered harshly to herself, she couldn’t meet new people yet! She would hide; go back the way she came and pretend her close encounter never happened. She nodded at this thought, agreeing whole heartily.

Leka on the other hand, had other ideas. He knew Evie too well and anticipating her retreat from this opportunity to meet someone new, Leka decided to take action, even though it meant going back onto the sand. Hopping neatly off the bag, he trotted into the cove, letting out a short, happy bark in greeting and ignoring the frenzied hissing from Evie for him to come back. After that, Evie knew she had no choice; continue to hide behind the rock like a random stalker, which she decided wasn't the best of first impressions, or to follow her hard headed Pokémon in a greeting.
Slowly she prised herself away from the rock and walked back into view, head low, and her green eyes focused on her trainers. Shoulders hunched, she made her small form, look even smaller than before.

“erm..Hey” she stammered, smiling awkwardly “mind if I join you? It’s just this place is so pretty and well…” Here she pulled out her camera and sketch book from her bag, waving them slightly before brandishing a lop sided smile which made her nose crinkle. “I couldn't resist.”

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