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If you feel as though they're just there just fill in gaps, Scarf, then you're listening to generally shoddy music. I can see how you made the jump to avoiding all profanity, but I'm afraid that you're merely acting on pigeon superstition. That is assuming that it isn't a stigma towards profanity that's preventing you from appreciating them.

To use Alanis as an example again, after hearing her terrible misuse of the word ironic would you then go and avoid every song that has examples of irony in them on the basis that they're most likely incorrect?

If you cannot appreciate explicit language, then you do not understand it's purpose yet. Used in the right situation they are some of the most powerful words you can have in your arsenal.

I believe that the explicitness of a song should be only ever be a problem if it's being played to a audience too young to understand the gravity of the words they're hearing.
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