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Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
...and this is why I keep Save States...

In the rare times I use "cheats" even on official games, I try to do what I need to and GTFO before going on. If I want to clone, I do it, save, and remove the game from the device, then back into the game. It's not worth keeping cheats on just in case there are any bad side effects. If you have an old save state with your Lucario in it, back up to it and disable all cheats. Provided the cheats are FULLY disabled, you might be able to keep your Lucario the next time through.

Yeah, I always have two save states just in case one happens to the other. Unfortunately that means having to beat Cynthia again and her manaphy was a pain. Oh well, at least I'll have my Lucario then.

.....never mind...I accidentally saved it on my other one too. Ugh. -__-;
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