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    Orange Henry
    (Raioku Dorm)
    The reception lady hands me my key, it reads 'Room 97'. What?! That's like all the way down the hall... *Groan* I walk down the long hallway, and eventually find the room. I enter, and take a look around. There's a nice little desk, and a bed. There are a few drawers, one next to the bed with a lamp on it. It seems to be very quaint. I let Bonsi and Caroline out. Caroline freaks out when she sees Bonsi and I, due to the fact that she had never seen us before. I tell her, "It's okay, we're your friends." I reach out a hand to show I really meant it. She begins to calm down, and touches the bone to my hand.
    "Cu... Cubone?" She says.
    "Yeah, we're friends. Don't worry." I say, trying to comfort her. After that, I put my laptop on the desk, and plug it in to charge it. I call the two pokemon out, and leave the room, leaving the door unlocked like I usually do. I realize that I should probably call the professor, due to the fact he is probably wondering about how "Eggy" is doing. I should probably tell the guy that she hatched. I go to the receptionist, and ask, "Do you happen to have a phone I could use?"
    She replies rudely, "Don't kids these days all have an Xtrasceiver?"
    "Not me, my mom never trusted me with one." I say.
    "It's in the back." She says. I walk into the back room, and dial the Professor's number. It rings for a while, and he eventually picks up.
    "Hello?" Prof. Elm says.
    "It's me, Orange. I just called to tell you that Eggy hatched into a female Cubone, and we named her Caroline." I say.
    "We? Who's we?" the Prof. asks.
    "Oh, my new friend Jay and I, who I meet at Oak Town." I reply.
    "Oh, that's great. I have to go now, you know, busy busy busy all the time. Bye!" He says.
    "Bye!" I reply. I hang up the phone, and say to receptionist on my way out, "Thank you!"
    She replies nonchalantly, "You're welcome." I leave the building, and head for a nearby beach. I have my heart set on training my twosome, and probably challenging a unsuspecting trainer. I see a Corpish on the beach, and I'm ready to attack with Bonsi to show Caroline how battle works.
    "Go Bonsi! Attack that Corpish!" I yell, "Now Caroline, watch how battle works!"
    Perhaps so, but we've seen it happen with our very own eyes. The answer is out there, Luke - we just need to find it. -Professor Layton
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