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    Originally Posted by Volcanix769 View Post
    They just wanted opinions on how they did, and they barely get any comments. Do you tend to read their stories? If so, do you think before what you try to write instead of just blowing up on them for their flaws?
    Mind if I point out something here as politely as I can? You rip into people for not reviewing (by complaining that writers just want to know what people think but get nothing in terms of feedback), but a couple of sentences later, you accuse reviewers of attacking writers. If you want more people to review, you'll have to realize that you can't have both attitudes. I've looked at the reviews you've gotten so far, and they've actually been pretty polite and helpful, not the kind of review in which people "blew up at you" for your mistakes.

    I think, ultimately, that the main problem is that PC isn't really a community where reviews happen. It's always been like that; that's why we tried to take steps like establish the reviewing challenge and shut down our off-topic thread. People don't really review that frequently around here, and you have some people -- very few, mind you, not the ones who responded to you -- who do it harshly. Yes, it's unfortunate, but the thing is you can't solve that issue by, pardon the bluntness, whining that authors want reviews. You don't get much done by whining at all or accusing people of ignoring fics or ripping into fics. I don't really know what the answer is because I've seen PC try a bunch of different things, but I do know that whatever you do, it has to be done collectively -- and actively. As in, if you want a community where people review everything, the first step is to, well, have a community where people review everything. You have to encourage people to review, not accuse them of failing to do so.

    Well, that and start reviewing a crapload of stories yourself. I mean, if you're worried about every other author on the forums not getting reviews, then it'd be a good idea to start reviewing and reaching out to writers yourself, just because of the "if you want a problem fixed, fix it yourself" philosophy. You have no idea if someone is going to stop by and review, so if you read a story with no reviews and realize that it has no reviews, you might as well just leave one yourself while you're there to help solve that problem you've described.

    It'd also help to be more receptive of reviews. Some reviewers might not want to review here because it's just not an open environment for it. If authors met them halfway by being receptive to what they had to say (instead of, for example, failing to thank a reviewer, making excuses instead of stating that you'll consider what they're trying to tell you, and pulling this), reviewers would probably be more comfortable interacting with authors. A lot of what it takes to get a decent number of reviews, besides being friendly and active in the community, is just being polite and open to your reviewers. Just saying.

    Edit: But to respond directly to the question, yes, I do enjoy reviewing when I can. I like the idea of having an open dialogue with a writer and being able to help them, and besides that, I don't do anything in fandom I don't enjoy because, well, fandom is meant to be something one does for fun. So if I review, it's because I read the story for fun in the first place, but it's also because I feel like I'd enjoy interacting with the author. And yes, I do get a high out of being able to talk about a story with an author and being able to help them improve it and watching them take their skills to the next level. I like knowing that I had a part in helping an author grow. Yes, there are some people out there (and they tend to be a vocal minority, keep in mind) who review for the sake of tearing into other people, and I honestly don't understand that mindset because, let's face it, actually being involved in drama and flame wars and whatnot is just not that fun. :/ So yeah. When I review, I'm there to help authors, and I do it because I like to do it.
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