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    We were indeed considering the implementation of newer Pokémon, actually there are already evolutions that are from the 4th gen(Magnezone...)
    In der Tat haben wir uns Überlegt neue Pokémon einzubauen, wir haben bereits welche der vierten Generation, vorrangig Evolutionen wie Magnezone.

    In the first Beta you can obtain the first 4 badges, which would be "Ozeria City", also there are a lot of sidequests missing that are included in the 2nd Beta
    In der ersten Beta kann man die ersten vier Orden bekommen, der letzte in "Ozeria City", außerdem fehlen ein paar Nebenquests.

    I tried to answer this for the english guys aswell, also it would be nice if someone here who is able to speak german and english might help us with the translation, because we surely want to have this hack not only in german but also in english, otherwise we would not have posted it here

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