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    Here's a perfect example of using Google Translate.

    Originally Posted by Ppaaddyy_ View Post
    hervorragend hervorragend, ihr seid die besten!!!!!!
    hab nur eine frage, werdet ihr vllt auch die 5. Generation hinzugefügen?????
    und noch eine, wie weit kommt man in der beta?
    The above says:

    Originally Posted by Ppaaddyy_ View Post
    Translated using Google Translate

    excellent excellent, you're the best!!
    have only one question, you will probably also the 5th Generation added structures??
    and another, how far you get into the beta?
    It may not be perfect English, but with a little work, it can be assumed he means to say, in English:

    Originally Posted by Ppaaddyy_ View Post
    Google Translation modified

    Excellent excellent, you're the best!! I have only one question, will you probably also add the 5th Generation structures?? And another, how far can you get in the beta?
    ...and scene.


    (Ppaaddyy_, dies ist nur ein Beispiel für die Verwendung von Google Übersetzen vom Deutschen ins Englische zu übersetzen.)
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