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    Originally Posted by Agastya View Post
    Getting the cap to go past 100 would break far more than it would improve. You remember that the attacker's level is a part of the damage formula, right? A level 150 Pokemon would do 1.5x more damage than a level 100 Pokemon would. This damage scales far faster than defenses do when your foes don't have any EVs (reminder that the AI does not get EVs while the player does) and you'll burn any challenge that exists away if you're following a sensible level curve and not just throwing level 200 Giratinas at the player in midgame or some garbage.

    If you need a multi region game pull a GSC and have the first region's Elite Four just be in the 40s. Multiple regions are nearly impossible to balance anyway.

    I personally think we should be more interested in figuring out how to rig up trainers to have EVs instead, but since I don't know anything about "actual" hacking I have no room to talk.
    I'm pretty sure that they understand to raise the cap past 100 that you'd need to edit all the other stuff along with it.
    I believe I've found all the spots where you have to edit the level cap in order to change it. I've only lowered it from 100, never went above or up to the max, which would be 255.
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