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    I beat the game and after-game and the E4 four times with this amazing team:
    Typhlosion (Lord Satan)- Lv. 70
    Rock Climb
    Cynaquill is my favorite fire starter Pokemon. It kicks ass when it's a Typhlosion. This thing is a beast, good at sweeping.

    Tentacruel (Injection)- Lv. 70
    Poison Jab
    Toxic Spikes
    Such an under-rated Pokemon Tentacruel is... The speed stats are amazing, this is a Sp. and psychical defense tank. It's stats are all around great. Toxic Spikes got me through Clair.

    Tangrowth (Master)- Lv. 86
    Power Whip
    Grass Knot
    Tangrowth.... is purely amazing. It's Attack and Defense are over 200, it's Sp. Attack & Sp. Defense rock, and it's speed is mediocre. This is the first Sinnoh Pokemon you can get before beating the game without trading- just level Tangela up to 33 with Ancientpower and you've got yourself a tank. I had to get it to Lv. 54 for the E4 so I could have Power Whip instead or Mega Drain. This was a last-minute choicr.

    Espeon (Ky)- Lv. 71
    Iron Tail
    This was a surprise member. I was training Eevee in the Rocket underground place and all of a sudden Eevee starts evolving. Awesome Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense, and Speed. Attack is okay, but like most Psychic types, Espeon is more of a Sp. Attacker. Pretty awesome Pokemon.

    Noctowl (Ki)- Lv. 74
    Air Slash
    Shadow Ball
    I have the Insomnia ability, so Morty could do nothing at all against him. Decent attack and defense, but great Sp. Atk, Def, and Speed. Noctowl is sadly under-rated.

    Electrode (Emo Kid)- Lv. 70
    Charge Beam
    While having a slightly crappy moveset, Electrode is good. It can outspeed tons of Pokemon with 229 speed. It's more defensive than it seems. When all hope is gone, I use Explosion and destroy the enemy.

    So, that's my team. It took 103 hours to build up this brute force.
    Post your HG/SS teams.