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    Originally Posted by hansiec View Post
    @ Ice God

    Actually, I think they look nicer when being the round mountains, it gives it a more natural look, besides, if you are making a ball in paint, you don't leave it squared out do you? After all in the end all you are drawing are a bunch of tiny squares.

    As for the size, I think they are normal sized maps, they are slightly zoomed out which gives the larger illusion, but in the end none is really that big.
    I was taking into account that I'm seeing the whole map, but if your screen size is 512x384, it just seems a little big. But either way, I'm not seeing it in-game, so it's just guesswork.

    As for your explanation about the ball, working with a pixel in paint to make a large sphere and working with a collection of tiles that are designed to look square are not the same principle. When you look at a single picture, the pixels around it are what put it all together and tells you if it makes sense. A tile, however is a picture in itself. This picture is put in with a bunch of other pictures to make a map. and individual picture can be round and the area around it can still be more square and look good. However, trying to make a round map of square tiles just looks messy.

    Basically, if the player is confined to a grid, you should make your game a little more grid-friendly to reflect that. It's important to consider that attempts at making a heavily rounded or natural looking environment you make will ultimately just make a grid-based map look more clustered. That is why the official games outside of Colosseum/XD(Where the player had full range movement) remain fairly blocky.

    I would also advise against the practice of putting grass in inaccessible areas, just another thought. I don't think it's a good thing to give a player a false sense of exploration in this type of game (Unless there actually are entrances into the map from all four directions).