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    Wow i havent been on pokecommunity since the middle of August.Anyway,three things.
    1.Elitepokes.Look,the white screen problem happens.A lot.Seriously.Ash,Snake and Alien have explained the problem a thousand times.Just go on the first page here.Wesley has a solution.
    2.Cyclone,if you transfer that Nincada back into Emerald,well,we can talk.
    3.A question for Ash,Snake and Alienhunter.As my logics say,you cant have every Pokemon in this game.I have finished everything,except the World Championship.So,you cant have everything because of the starters given to you,well you can just choose one.

    Special thanks to Ash493(I think i missed the number even though I have seen him a million times),Snakebyte and alienhunterx.Ultimate Thanks to Wesley FG for this hack.

    Sorry for the long post!
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