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    Originally Posted by Volcanix769 View Post
    And when I meant by that when people write stories, some just don't understand on what we are trying to do or how we struggle.
    Something to keep in mind: when you're in a writing community online -- a fanfiction community especially -- we are all writers. The people who frequent communities aren't grouped into two separate categories of reviewers and writers, and because of that, reviewers aren't out-of-touch with the issues that you're describing. Yes, I've encountered the problem where not that many people were commenting on what I was writing. The Leaf Green Incident, for example, was the winner of the SWC, and it got only a tiny handful of comments (ignoring the one that was deleted). Before I wandered away from PC for a year, I was writing Anima Ex Machina, a fic that I put a lot of effort into, and there were periods where I didn't get any comments at all after I posted chapters. (Second page. Starts roughly around chapter twelve and goes all the way to chapter fifteen or so, and that reflects about three months of me just posting chapters with no feedback on PC.)

    Point is, we all have that problem. We all understand what you're going through. That's because we're all writers as well as reviewers. So please don't accuse readers of being inconsiderate because, yeah, we've felt it too. Like I said, PC's not that much of a reviewing environment. In order to overcome that, you (meaning the community) have to be active and think of yourself as not just a writer or a reviewer but both.

    Yeah I know that I'm not good, but sometimes I just want them to understand and how I am trying to make up my flows
    It's still a good idea to thank a reviewer and state that you'll consider what they're saying -- or at least explain politely why their advice might not fit the situation you're trying to write about (but still thank them at the end). Proper etiquette and all.

    In short, the less you see reviewers as being inconsiderate/out-of-touch with writers and the more you see reviewers as being (potentially) experienced writers who are attempting to pass along advice to help others (and who therefore may know all too well what you mean), the easier it will be to understand how any given writing community works. That in turn will help you to solve the issue that is the lack of reviews in this forum.
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