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    James “Jay” Rybak

    I was in the middle of sketching Pokemon in my sketchbookwhile taking observations of the nearby Pokemon to scribe notes in my notebook untilI heard a faint squeak from one of the rocks at the cove. My eyesight lookedaround the area to find the source of the squeak; however I had troubleidentifying the location of the squeak. Perhaps it is one of the Pokemon at thecove, squeaked. I whistled loudly to signal for my three bird Pokemon, myStarly, my Swablu, and my Pidgey, to return in case there is a Pokemon thatwants to attack me. Emil, Samuel flew into the cove, and landed on a rock nextto me. Nalafari, unlike himself, flew in later than Emil and Samuel. Nalafariwould usually be the first of my bird Pokemon to beck to my call. Nalafarilanded on one of the larger rocks in the cove.

    I resumed drawing and taking notes of the Pokemon of theocean. I heard another sound. The sound was a bark of a Pokemon. My eyes turnedto the source of the sound to see an Umbreon with sleek coat. Soon after, aperson came from behind a rock nearby. The person seemed to be female, and shewas most likely around my age. She had silver, white hair that reminded me ofEthan. Her shoulders were hunched, and she carried a bag.

    “Erm..Hey,” She stammered while smiling, “mind if I join you? It’s just this place is so pretty andwell…” The girl took out a camera and a sketchbook fromher bag and waved them while smiling unevenly, “Icouldn't resist.”

    “Ummmmm…,” I feltnervous about letting someone not close to me being with me. I did not want tosay no to her question because I might upset her. Yet, I’m not sure if I shouldsay yes since I usually prefer to sketch alone. Well, saying yes balanced outas I hate harming the emotions of people and/or Pokémon, “Sure…I guess.”

    I suddenly realized that I forgot to introducemyself,” Oh Arceus, I almost forgot my manners. I really a-apologize about this.Sorry if I forgot to introduce myself. My name is James Rybak. S-some people callme Jay. My Starly's name is Nalafari, my Pidgey's name is Samuel, a-and my Swablu's name is Emil.”


    The breeze was running through my wings, my feathers. Icould feel a burst of adrenaline running through my veins from not having flownin a while due to Jay’s journey from the mountain to the dorms. I always lovedflying. Flying was my favorite free-time activity, and besides it felt naturalto me as I’m free as a bird. Well…I am a bird.


    I was flying overhead the part of the ocean near the coveJay was at, until I saw a flock of Wingull fighting over something. I flew closer,but far enough from the flock to avoid getting hit by the chaos, to examine theobject the Wingull were fighting over. The Wingull were fighting over an usual-lookingMagikarp. Unlike most Magikarp, this Magikarp had a body covered with goldenscales and fins. Perhaps the Magikarp was a shiny Pokemon. An idea popped intomy head. I smirked deviously with my beak.

    I flew at the maximum speed I could reach to, and usedTailwind to accelerate my speed while flying towards the flock of fightingWingull. I dived in into the crowd, and used my Thief attack to snatch thegolden Magikarp from the cloud of Wingull. The Wingull spotted me with theMagikarp, and started to chase me across the ocean.

    The Wingull were screaming,”Mine!MINE!Mine!MINE!Mine!MINE!”

    I saw a white speed boat with ahuman below me. I flew down to boat to place the shiny Magikarp on the boat.The human did not notice me as he was too focused on driving the boat. I couldhear the chorus of “MINE!” from the Wingull passing by. Fortunately, the Wingulldid not notice me. I could hear a gasping noise from where I placed the Magikarp,and turned around to see the Magikarp talking to me.

    “Thank you…for…rescuing…me…from…those…hellishbirds…”gasped the Magikarp.

    A smirk appeared on my beak again,“You’re very welcome. Well…I’m not finished with you yet. As you can see, I am very hungry right now. Perhaps I couldmake a snack. Would you like sashimi or sushi?”

    “EEP!” screamed the shiny Magikarpas he tried to flop his way back to the water.

    I let the Magikarp flop back into the ocean. Ilaughed at the amusing sight of the frightened Magikarp. I stretched my wings,and took off into the air once more. I heard a faint whistle from the covewhere my trainer was at. I responded to the whistle by flying into the cove toperch on one of the larger rocks of the cove. I could see my flock, Jay, Emil,and Samuel, and two others, a female human with silver hair and an Umbreon.

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