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    I like to review. Every day, I regret not having the time to review. Between other interests, like wanting to get my own fics finished, I don't have as much time here to dedicate to reading other people's stories.

    Also, this:
    Originally Posted by JX Valentine
    Some reviewers might not want to review here because it's just not an open environment for it.
    It's really hard to tell who wants an honest comment and who will fight back/cause drama/actually leave the forum completely because a reviewer didn't just say that everything about the story was perfect. Everyone says that they want comments, but it's difficult to tell who's telling the truth.

    I don't really know what the answer is because I've seen PC try a bunch of different things, but I do know that whatever you do, it has to be done collectively -- and actively.
    this as well. I tried so many times to review here, but it gets lonely if you're the only one doing it after a while. (Long enough for other people to join in if they want.) It's a large task, and if things are going to change, it takes a lot of dedication on the part of quite a few people to change it.

    Yeah I know that I'm not good, but sometimes I just want them to understand and how I am trying to make up my flows I'm not saying that it's bad.
    Reviewers should be drat understanding because that's the feel of the business. In being in this for as many years as I have and going through as many attitudes as I have while learning, it's far more productive to both the author and the reviewer to be understanding of each other. So not only should reviewers not yell at authors for anything, but authors shouldn't yell at reviewers for pointing something out they could improve on.

    And when I meant by that when people write stories, some just don't understand on what we are trying to do or how we struggle.
    Except we're all writers and reviewers here. So yeah, we understand very well the struggle that comes with all parts of writing. I just don't post my fics because I don't feel like editing them yet!
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