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Originally Posted by LaVida View Post
So, I was wondering, do you guys know any TV shows, games or movies in which one of the protagonists is gay/bi/trans etc.? (And I don't mean yaoi, yuri or the like.)

For example, I've never really seen a video game where one of the characters seemed to be gay. You always have straight couples which I find kind of boring sometimes. Well, I guess this is due to the great amount of people who don't accept homosexuality but who knows... There might still be exceptions.
LOST GIRL! I'd suggest this show to everyone! I love it. Happy Endings, The New Normal, Chicago Fire, etc. Actually I'll just link you to this Wiki page. Here you go. And here's a list of movies. Movies.

If you want to talk more about it (I like to ramble about these things.) you can always VM me and I can suggest my favorites and what not.

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