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    Originally Posted by AshleyKetchum View Post
    Money is an issue. AS and CN are not the same company, They have separate funds and anime is pretty high
    I'm not sure how accurate this is, AS and CN are the same in a way, but they are treated as 2 separate networks. But I do know that the Toonami staff is employeed by CN. It's kinda complicated.

    Originally Posted by The Mega Champion View Post
    Yeah I'm watching. Just two things though.

    Naruto and Samurai 7.

    Why is Bleach on hiatus though?

    I'm sensing ANIME HATE from Adult Swim AGAIN.

    Also... they need to remove ThunderCats and Titan. They don't belong and were canceled for a reason.
    Bleach is on hiatus because they are caught up on dubbed episodes and need time for new ones to be finished. New Bleach returns in 7 weeks.

    Adult Swim doesn't hate anime. You should go look through some of the pictures the staff has posted on of their office. Plenty of anime merch. And it may be worth noting that the staff that is currently working on Toonami is the old Toonami staff, not the group that worked on Adult Swim Action for the last few years.

    ThunderCats and Sym-Bionic Titan DO belong since they are action cartoons with good stories. (Toonami is not an anime block) And they were cancelled because of toy sales, not poor ratings. ThunderCats toys didn't do well, and Titan apparenlty couldn't get a toy deal, so they moved on to shows that could, like Adventure Time. Ratings for these shows were said to be pretty good, but the younger demographic that CN hoped would run out and get the toys didn't all accept these shows (No wonder. Titan is very dark for something that isn't anime, and ThunderCats isn't "fun" I guess...) But the demos that AS goes after did take to these shows when they originally aired, which is why they were brought to Toonami.
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