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    Ok, I guess I might (or not, I'll explain it at the end) have found a glitch with the evolution of nincada: when I try to make it evolve (lvl 19 > lvl 20) having a free spot in my party (in order to get both shedinja and ninjask) the evolution just stops like if I had cancelled it pressing "b button", but obviously I don't do so.

    I've also tried to evolve nincada normally to ninjask (no free spots on the party) and it won't evolve anyways.

    My question is as follows: Is it a bug or you just don't expect to include shedinja nor ninjask. I thought they actually were, at least ninjask, included in the original ROM.


    Just in case it's not clear, I do have at least one Pokeball in the bag)