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I thought this was a more serious topic than what would be accepted in OVP, but if not, then go ahead and move it off Live/Leafu.

Anyway, I thought of this topic today. Two teens at the high school I went to just died in a car crash last night, both of which were in my sister's grade. She knew the girl, who we'll call B, but she didn't know the guy. Oddly enough though, the other night, I was waiting on my sister at Books A Million to take her home after the parade. When we left, we walked past a group of girls and my sister said, "I don't like that girl we just passed. She's always rude to me." And at the time, I didn't think too hard on it. Well, that was B, who died last night. So of my sister's bullies died. And we've been talking about it today, and she's not torn over it, and in turn, neither am I. Now, earlier this year a friend of her's died and she was very upset over it, naturally. I too was upset along with her. However, B died and it's just...she doesn't know how to feel, which made me think, how do any of us feel after this happens? I mean, of course she's not excited or happy, but it's still a strange feeling. She's not happy about how people are saying that she was caring and kind, when she of all people knows that wasn't the case. Which you know, if you were bullied by someone and someone else said they were sweet and kind, you wouldn't agree with it. But when they're dead, it's like...are you dishonoring the dead by thinking ill of them? It's all just strange, isn't it? are you supposed to feel when your bully dies unexpectedly? How would you feel? I know this is asking more of an OVP type of question, but it's a serious topic, so yeah. I hope I didn't word that last paragraph to make my sister or I sound malicious and uncaring or anything. It's hard to talk about this kind of thing without being disrespectful, because you're supposed to respect the dead, but when they had no respect for you when they were here, how are you gonna respect them whether they're here or not?

I hope this topic or the way I worded it doesn't offend anyone or make them I said, it's hard to really explain this or make it sound good. idk. Discuss.

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