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    Here's my characters sign up

    Name: Melody Renee Jones

    Nickname: Mel

    Age: 10

    Gender: Female

    Region: Unova



    Personality: Melody is a very sweet and kind girl, she doesn't know how to be mean, but she knows that Team Rocket has to be stopped. Due to her young age, most people assume she doesn't remember when Team Rocket took over. But she does remember it. Melody's voice has a musical tone to it that can be very soothing to other people. She can try to be a voice of reason but most people don't listen to her because of her age. She's also very graceful in all aspects of what she does. Another important thing about Melody is any friends she makes she sees more as family, though that is mainly due to being an orphan. She doesn't like violence but she also doesn't like Team Rocket, and she's determined to do what she can to help stop them. Melody also has a natural talent for singing and musical instruments.

    History: Melody was born and raised in Nuvema Town in the Unova region. The very beginning of her childhood was a good one, her father was a scientist in Professor Junipers Lab and her mother stayed at home. She was loved and well cared for. But when she was five it all changed, she was unaware that Team Rocket had taken over the other regions, that is she was until her town was taken over. Her father was killed in a raid on the lab when he refused to give up information leaving young Melody and her mother alone. The girl and her mother where then forced from there home as Nuvema town was to be abandoned. The two traveled to Mistralton city for refuge, but within six months Melody's mother died from illness leaving Melody all alone. For the next five years Melody lived in an orphanage that had been set up in Mistralton city reading books on Pokemon, Team Rocket made it impossible for people to get a Pokemon so all Melody had was books on them. One particular book caught her attention so much, that she died her blonde hair green and started dressing similar to one of the legendary Pokemon's two forms, Meloetta's Aria Form. Finally though Melody had enough of seeing how people were treated by Team Rocket and started wishing there was a way she could help.

    Legendary Pokemon: Meloetta

    Password: T, NPC, one

    Other: She always carries a normal flute in her bag.

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