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Guuuys~ Sorry I wasn't able to go on yesterday. School and very important RL stuff came up, but it's all done now I'll check Chuuritsu's SU right away and see if it passes the standards. I'll also post the official "go signal" in the IC thread any moment now '

Also, to answer a question that you asked in the now-IC-thread-but-previously-used-as-a-temporary-OOC thread (or NITBPUAATO thread)

What I meant by "game script" is the script that programmers use to run in-game events, not the "dialogue." Think of the NPCs as AIs, ones you can have a normal conversation with as if you're not in the game. Sorry if I didn't explain this earlier. Bad GM D:

Aaand, @Chuuritsu - Um, I can see that it was rushed ' Just add more on your RP sample and your SU will be approved. For now, it is pending

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