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Let's get this adventure started
Littleroot Town
Oliver Riverwood

Stunned, Oliver called back out to the voice, his own voice muffled by the eternal blackness that surrounded him from head to toe. No reply. "Helloooo?" No reply.

Oliver looked around
frantically. "Where did that strange voice come from? Why isn't it saying anything? Can it even hear me?" he thought. He couldn't have imagined it. Yet again...he didn't know where he was; for all he knew, this could simply be a dream. His head began to throb again. the numb feeling crawling slowly toward his temple. "Arrgh" he groaned, rubbing the sides of his forehead. "What is this?"

"So...are you a boy or are you a girl?"The manly voice echoed once more.

"What sort of questi--" but Oliver was interrupted mid-sentence by a soothing sensation. His eyelids flickered before closing shut gently. His muscles relaxed and his voice became weak and wispy. Oliver had fallen asleep.


The sunlight creeped its way through the curtains, dancing with the wind's gentle push. Nearby Tailow perched on the twisting branches of an Old Oak tree, its leaves swaying to and fro. Oliver slowly opened his eyes, they burned as they saw the glimmering sunlight. He pushed himself up, observing his surroundings. "This isn't my bedroom." he muttered, taken aback. The room was decorated with an odd assortment of Pokemon Dolls, the floors polished wood, the walls covered in a striped wallpaper pattern. Oliver couldn't help but feel an odd sense of deja vu, almost if he'd been here before. Oliver threw of the silk blankets that seemed to keep him warm for what he assumed was a cold night. He decided to further investigate his new surroundings. In the corner of the room he found a rather old desktop computer and a machine that seemed to resemble a Gamecube.


A series of super quick knocks banged against the bedroom door, catching Oliver's immediate attention.

"Good morning!" came a sweet, motherly voice.
"Uhh, good morning." Oliver responded hesitantly.
"Honey, may I come in?" The voice asked. "Your mother wants to see how her son is on his first day of becoming a Pokemon Trainer!"
Upon those words reaching his earns, Oliver stood silently. "Pokemon Trainer?" he asked himself. "There's no such thing as a Pokemon Trainer, they're only pure fiction."
"Is this some sort of joke?" the confused teen grumbled.
"Uh, honey? No? Joke? Don't be so silly!...Oohh you're nervous sweetie aren't you? Aw don't worry, I'm here to see my young man grow up to be a mature and independent individual!"

The door opened smoothly.

A relatively tall woman approached Oliver, a proud smile stretched across her face.

"Give your good ol' mother a hug!"

She stretched out her arms and Oliver felt obliged to accept the kind gesture from whom apparently was his mother.

She had long shiny black hair tied into two uniform loops, her fringe held back by a rather elegant headband. She wore sandles of a similar style which highlighted her pure white dress with a very faint triangular pattern scattered across its centre.

"Now darling, the proffessor mentioned something about meeting him at his laboratory and I told him you'd be over there as soon as you woke up. First though, you should really set your clock to the right time! That thing has been puzzling me for ages, I just can't seem to get it to work! Perhaps you'll have more luck. Also, your father said he's sorry he couldn't be here to send you off. He had some work to attend to at the gym." Oliver's mom blurted in what seeemed to be in less than a second.

Oliver looked at her blankly, confronted by such a collection of information. It only really hit him when he heard his father was Norman whom was at the gym working. His heart sank, but at the same time he felt an immense feeling of happiness and excitement. "Is this even possible?" he mumbled to himself. He was living his very own Pokemon Game

"Oohhh I almost forgot sweetie," his mother began again, "I might as well give you these as well as advise you that'd you better visit Martin. He's been looking for you everywhere!"

"Uh thanks mom." Oliver replied gracefully.
"I'll leave you to it then! Are you hungry? I'll cook you a scrambled Tailow egg if you like!"
"No thanks." Oliver declined.
"Oh well, I'll see you soon then!"

She smiled and walked quickly out the door. Oliver could hear the flip flop of her sandalds, down what seemed to be a staircase.

Let's get this adventure started [II]
Littleroot Town
Oliver Riverwood

Dressed in his usual clothing, and having fixed his clock, Oliver zoomed down stairs. He seemed to almost immediately enter an open plan living area. For an open space, it seemed extremely cosy.

"Ah there you are! I've been looking for you everywhere!" yelled a young boy to Oliver. He looked around about the same age as Oliver, he had light brown hair that was held straight by a rather hideous headband. He had deep green eyes and he seemed to bulge muslce from his even greener t-shirt.

"Martin!" Oliver exclaimed, uneasy; trying to conceal this by smiling.

"Tone it down a bit Martin", Oliver's mother wihspered.
"Sorry Mrs Riverwood." Martin apologised sincerly.

He then turned sharply back to Oliver, his eyes glistening with energy.

"Have you recevied your partner yet? Well...have you? I have! He's so awesome, come look, loook!" Martin said, raising his voice again.

Oliver's mother shot Oliver a sharp look which Oliver received as "Get him out, pronto."

"Ugh, let's go outside, I've got to find the proffessor anyway to get my Pokemon." Oliver requested.

"Sure." Martin replied.

They both stepped into the crisp morning air. A gentle breeze blew, blowing several oddish across the paddocks adjacent to the opposite line of houses to his home.

"Ooooodish" the little voices screamed in laughter.

"So what's this new Pokemon of yours?" Oliver asked, curious.

"He's a beauty alright." Martin answered enthusiastically.

He pulled out a pokeball, and clicked the perfectly rounded central button. The ball opened and so released a small green, leafy creature. When it came into full focus, Oliver knew exactly what is was.

"Ah a Treecko!" he exclaimed.

"Indeed, and he's a fine one at that!" "Use pound!" Martin ordered.

The small Pokemon readied its fists and punched the ground with a decent amount of strength. Martin smiled at Oliver proudly.

Before Oliver could respond, he heard a distant voice. It sounded as though someone needed help!

"Help aaahk, someone help, get of me Zigzagoon!"

The two ran stricly west toward route 101 where the pleading got louder. Surprisingly, Treecko kept up, even out running the teens at some points. A droplet of sweat ran down Oliver's face, yet his eyes remained locked on the location of the cries for help.

When they reached the source of yelling to their shock, they found the professor.

"Argh boys, argh ouch ow, come help me! Owww." the professor yelled.

A pack of Zigzagoon circled him,running on their tiny, spiky legs. The two remained cool.

"Alright,"Martin said, "I'll distract Zigzagoon while you grab the professor!"

"Got it" Oliver replied, determined to help the struggling man as soon as possible.

"Treecko!," Martin ordered, "Pound, now!"

Treecko gathered its strength, and charged toward the pack of Zigzagoon. Dispersing in all direcrions, the pack, focusing its attention now on the small leafy Pokemon. Angry they thrusted toward Teecko in a burst of light, leaving a blazing white path behind them.

"Ack, they're too quick!" Martin yelled to Oliver, "Get him now!"

With the Zigzagoon distracted, Oliver leaped at the opporunity. He yanked the proffessor. The professor grabbed his bag full of notepads, his state of the art laptop, and pokeballs and ran out of view.

"Martin, let's go!" Oliver called.

"Rodger that!" Martin winked cheekily, grinning.

"Treecko, leer!"

Treecko shoot a sharp look at the spiky Pokemon who began to flee.

"Return!" Martin declared. A red beam of light safelty transported the tired Pokemon back to its home.

Let's get this adventure started [III]
Littleroot Town
Oliver Riverwood

The trio ran back to the professor’s lab. Safe and secure and after a small recovery period, the three regrouped and formally introduced themsleves to eachother.

"I can't thank you enough for helping me back there you two." "I'm Professor Birch, pleased to meet you, even through abnormal circumstances."

"Likewise." Oliver replied.

"Ah, so you're Oliver?" Birch asked.

"That's right." Oliver replied.

"Well, I've been informed that you're without your starter. So I'm here to give you one! I'm sure you two will be excellent trainers, especially from what I've seen back on Route 101."

Birch ruffled through his desk, opening and closing drawers until he finally came across a small little Pokeball.


"Here you go. This is quite a rare Pokemon despite it's perceived dim-witted nature. It's only found in the very depths of caves and underwater crevices."

Oliver smiled. He couldn't help but keep in his excitement. Martin jumped on the spot. Anyone couldn't help but see his curiosity on the type of Pokemon Oliver received.

Birch handed the tiny pokeball over to Oliver. The newbie trainer clicked open the Pokeball and out came his very first Pokemon.

"Feeeebasss" it groaned stupidly.

Olivers eyes darted down to the Pokemon, flopping aimlessly on the cold laboratory floor. At first, Oliver was a little disappointed. But then he just smiled.

"So you're my first Pokemon huh. I'm sure you're pretty good battler even though you don't necessary look like one." Oliver whispered to himself.

"Is...that it?" Martin chuckled. "What a weakling!"

"Feeeeeeb" Feebas blew a muddy bubble that popped over the surface of its rough, dirty face.

"He's not that bad." Oliver claimed.

"Let's see then. Let's have a Pokemon battle!" Martin suggested.

"Sure." Oliver accepted.

"Will you be our referee Professor?" Oliver asked the man, who was fiddling with what looked to be a special type of Pokeball.

"Wynaut?" he said, giggling..."aaaah, wynaut, get it get it? Ahaha a classic."

Awkwardly, the three made their way out to the laboratory's back paddock. Martin and Oliver took their own ends of the paddock and Proffessor Birch began the usual pre-battle procedures.

"Each side will use only one Pokemon each. A winner is determined when one side has no Pokemon remaining to battle. On the count of three, one, two, three...BEGIN!"

"Feebas let's go!", "Treecko, show them how it's done!" Both yelled, sending out their Pokemon in a flash of red light.

"Feeeeb aaassss" the pokemon groaned again.


"Alright, Treecko, Pound!"

Treecko jumped into the air and focusing its energy. It then struck downwards, landing a direct hit. - But not before Oliver was able to reduce its impact.

"Feebas, splash and absorb some of the impact!"

Without water, Feebas flailed crazily. But Oliver's plan still worked. It had absorbed some of the impact, even if only little. Oliver thought he might try an attack of his own, but wasn't sure if it would hit accurately.

"Feebas Tackle!"

The flopping pokemon launched itself sternly, hurling itself toward Treecko, but the agile Pokemon was easily able to dodge the flopping mess. Feebas crashed into a nearby tree.

"Hah, is that it?" Martin teased

"Hmm" Oliver hummed.

"Now finish with Pound again."

Before Feebas could respond, let alone comprehend what was happening, Treecko hit it with a forceful Pound.

Feebas groaned and fainted.

"Feebas is unable to battle, Treecko is the winner! Therefore, the victory goes to Martin!" Birch's voice echoed.

"Nice work Treeks!" Martin said to the exhausted Pokemon.

"Damn nice try Feebas. You did your best. I'm proud." Oliver said softly, smiling.

Weak, the fish Pokemon smiled faintly and rested its head back onto the soft earth beneath it.

"Time for a rest." Oliver said, returning it to its pokeball.

"Good game." Martin said.

"Yeah good game." Oliver replied softly.

"Nice battle boys." Birch said, smiling. "Let's head back inside where we can heal your pokemon up."

Oliver smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. It had been a long morning already and Oliver certainly needed a break.

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