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Originally Posted by Volcanix769 View Post
I feel ya. And when I meant by that when people write stories, some just don't understand on what we are trying to do or how we struggle.
Thing is nearly every reviewer is a writer already. It shouldn't be a struggle. You should write because you enjoy it. Getting better at it is a part of growing at something you should love, not struggle at. A big pointer is when a person who is also a beta reader reviews you should really listen to them and not argue with them. Because it's sort of our job to help you.

I have a rather large fanfic, over 56K words and 17 chapters long, that on has over 100 favorites and 120 followers. It has currently 153 reviews. And more hits than I will ever get here at PC.

Here at PC? Not a single review or comment. (Which now looking at it I need to fix a few things. Oops.) Yet not once did I beg for reviews, or complain about not getting them. Why?

Because this isn't a writing forum. It's a Pokéforum. If you want a ton of reviews, post it at dedicated fanfiction site, like AO3 or There you will get much more feedback, but usually only if it's really good. On a site like, you're not going to get the in depth reviews you see here. Ninety percent of them will be 'plz update' rather than real advice and comments. I think one in depth review here is worth countless 'plz updates'.

For the original question: Of course. I want to help people and support other writers wherever I can. I'm not too much into Pokémon fics at the moment, but I review where I am interested.