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Originally Posted by Griffinbane View Post
Welp, the issue really isn't the getting onto the server thing to sign up or whatnot. The main problem is setting a set time for the tourneys because everyone's gonna be on at different times all day and without a time set, you may never get enough wifi people online at once to start a tourney. I see your point, but the issue gets compounded by the fact that there are far fewer wifi battlers than there are sim battlers.
Thing is, we did have a set time for many of the previous CommDays (CommNight at the time), but we always had problems with getting people on at a certain time (especially due to time zones). Not to mention we had a smaller userbase then, so having a set time didn't really help. Regardless, I'll give a time that all Wi-Fi battlers can show up on just in case we have issues with the lack of sign-ups. TB told me that the TC chatroom and its regulars are most active at times from noon to midnight (EST). I was also told that certain users wake up pretty late (lol), so I think 4 PM EST should be a good time. Bear in mind that it's possible for the Wi-Fi tournaments to start earlier or later given there's enough people.