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Originally Posted by PhantomX0990 View Post
If you want a ton of reviews, post it at dedicated fanfiction site, like AO3 or There you will get much more feedback, but usually only if it's really good. On a site like, you're not going to get the in depth reviews you see here. Ninety percent of them will be 'plz update' rather than real advice and comments. I think one in depth review here is worth countless 'plz updates'.
Also, on AO3, they have the "Kudos" system, which is pretty much the equivalent of "liking" a story without any comment to it. (This does work really well for those of us who want to say we like a story, but don't want to be part of the group complained about with "why didn't they say more in their comment?")

Each writing community is different. When you're ready to post your fics, ideally you would look around and see what the place is like, and what you're going to get from the people in the community. Like with, you'll get a lot of reviews, but they'll mostly be of the (and I quote from a tab I have open right now) "great chapter" for every single chapter you write. There are some good points to posting at (none of which I remember because I haven't heard anyone really talk about it recently). If you look around several forums, you'll see the type of reviews posted there. Some fanfic forums (SPPf comes to mind) are known for giving a good amount of in-depth reviews, so if you want to improve your writing, you go there.

PC's fic community has always been rather quiet on the review front. So... =C
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