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    Originally Posted by Lilizuki View Post
    Excellent, then I hope these prodding questions won't offend.

    How come Black Marsh needed to bribe the Aldmeri Dominion? That place has never been successfully invaded; not even when the Empire was at the apex of its power. In no small part thanks to the Hist, I would imagine. I'd have thought their response to threats would be more along the lines of "Come at me, bro."

    The Argonian's bribe was based on the fact that they are dealing with the insurrection in Morrowind, as well as searching for the hourglass. The bribe is more of a distraction, then a surrendering.

    Forgive me if this is meant to be part of the mystery, because it could just be the hourglass is an in-game lie, but...why would Akatosh put all of his power into a Tamrielic artifact? He barely has any left after he, along with the other Divines, gave up the majority of their power to create the Earthbones.

    It is part of the mystery, as it is written now, no one in Tamriel knows where the hourglass came from, how it got there, or why it is there. I hate to sound that cliche, but you will uncover reasoning through your character.

    And something not related to established lore; wouldn't any scholar character assume that Akatosh's hourglass might be in Akavir? That's where the majority of Cyrodiil's dragon-y stuff comes from, and the Nerevarine did disappear there after the events of Morrowind... 'Twould be difficult to create a scholar character if they're just looking for the best ship to Akavir. :v

    I have considered Akavir to be explorable, but I could not find enough solid database for Akavir to be in the game, but I will keep looking,(get it, because in the RP, you are looking for a Hourglass) and if I can build a concrete basis on which to make Akavir explorable, I will.
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