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Well I guess we can check off storyline as the most appealing part of a game, haha.
I'd say I check for the genre of the game first and the type of storyline it has. I'm mostly into fantasy/sci-fi stuff.. ya know, knights and dragons, as well as high-tech weapons and post-apocalyptic settings. I couldn't play a game with a bland storyline, as it's the main purpose for playing it. It's just like reading a book.

On the visual side, I don't care much about graphics as long as they don't overdue do it just to try and match other games' standards. Some games also have really good graphics, but they just don't work with the type of gameplay... Retro is cool, and realism is cool.

Also as opposed to many others, I don't really care much for the 'originality' factor... some games have a certain format as for what goes on in the story and the combat systems for example, and honestly if I enjoy it, then it works and I don't mind if it's used over and over again (as long as it's not a direct copy). For example, any game that mimics aspects of Final Fantasy games, I'll play as long as the rest of the game isn't a cheap knock-off.
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