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    Originally Posted by Flydro View Post
    YES!!!! After 2 months, it FINALLY decided to show up:
    Congrats! Shiny Skarmory is so pretty with that green colour! And I'm glad you made up for your lost shinies, I hope your next shiny will be just as good!

    Originally Posted by miloticfan54 View Post
    She has a Bashful and appeared after 10 REs after my dinner break... I wasn't looking when the fishing spot appeared... When I stared down I was like "Odd... Purple... YESYESYES, Wait... NOOOOOOOOOO!" And there you have it... First RE'd shiny on first day... I'd say if it was for Frillish, it would be about.... 1842 REs...

    I feel so spited!!!! I'm gonna triple DS RE now! Frillish!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm not sure if your happy or disappointed but congrats on getting the shiny Alomomola, I haven't seen it in it's shiny form yet! And I hope a sparkly, shiny Frillish grabs your rod soon :3

    As for my shiny hunts, Charmander is now on hold at 220 eggs, Snover was MEANT to be started today but I've become hooked on REs right now so I've done 1186 in 2 days. I don't think that's too many, but I'm hoping if I keep it up I might get a shiny by Christmas, whether it's Snover, Charmander, Marill or even something else at Village Bridge!
    Good luck everyone else, nice to see some shinies appearing right after sharing my luck buckets, I guess I can spare a LITTLE more, but I'll need the rest back!
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