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Originally Posted by Hyper Chibi Absol View Post
Well I'll try that but first how do I change the pointers back? I never even knew about pointers till I used Advanced trainer (which is also giving me problems). I didn't think I changed anything because I was only moving the Pokemon around. Do I need another program to change the HEX or something, or did I just overlook something that's in Advanced Map? *facewall* Sorry for all the questions. To be honest, I'm kind of a newb at this. x-x;;;
There are lots of HEX editing programs out on the internet, like HEX Workshop, HxD or Cygnus. If its this over your head I think it would be best to just PM me an .ips file of your hack so I can see what's happenning and hopefully get it straightened out :P

Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple View Post
Does anyone know how to fix this:
It seems like you've set your border on that map to be the first tile in the regular FR tileset. While it may look black in A-Map due to the palette that it is using, the tile is actually completely transparent. Just change the border to some other configuration of tiles and it should look okay.