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    Nova City.

    Chrome was exhausted. The run to the Pokémon Center left him tired, laid out on the settee inside the healing station while waiting for his Pichu and Snivy to be revitalized. Such a day’s worth of events were worthy of documentation, he thought. It did discourage him, though. To think, he had only been on this journey for a few hours and he already found himself in more trouble and pain than he ever did lying in his bed. And this was just on the way to the first city. He hadn’t even gotten to his first gym yet, let alone the Elite Four. Was he really fit to be training . . . no, to be caring for a Pokémon?

    He would perish the thought before Pichu arrived. He didn’t want the displeasure of feeling another shock down his spine. Beyond that, he didn’t want the displeasure of letting Pichu down.

    Soon, Nurse Joy returned with his two Pokémon. Pichu exited his pokeball with a joyous leap and dance. He was naturally charismatic, even after the events that passed. Soon after, he scurried up to Chrome’s shoulder. Afterwards, Chrome let Snivy out. Unlike Pichu, Snivy appeared to be in a state of confusion, probably not completely aware of its capture yet. Chrome kneeled down to him and gave a smile as best he could.

    CHROME: Welcome to my team! It’s short, but we’ve got heart.

    Upon saying the word “heart,” he felt his own jolt. Pichu gave him a mild shock before jumping off his shoulder in order to welcome Snivy. Had Pichu known that Chrome didn’t speak with complete confidence? He simply blamed it on Pichu’s impulse to get to Snivy and shook it off.
    After the introduction to Snivy, Chrome thought it best to contact Prof. Nemo and inform her of what happened. He quickly made his way to one of the videophones in the lobby.

    PROF.: Sounds like quite the day.

    Prof. Nemo spoke as if the events were child’s play. She had no type of worry in her voice and didn’t even ask if they had been alright. The entire response made Chrome very uneasy.

    PROF.: I’m glad to see Pichu keeping you safe. However, I’m even happier to see you keeping Pichu safe. You’re really shaping up as a trainer, Chrome. Quite quickly too, if I say so myself.

    Chrome didn’t expect those words at all. He thought it to be a terrible job. Yet, here was a renowned professor telling him that he was doing a good job. It was a little bit of a confidence boost.

    PROF.: Anyway, it seems like you’ll be holding on to that Snivy, so I don’t really see the point in you contacting me. Are you going to be challenging Nova City’s gym leader, Lita?

    CHROME: I suppose. That’s what trainers do, right?

    PROF.: Indeed it is, Chrome.

    Chrome was about ready to hang up, but he suddenly remembered the question he originally intended to ask.

    CHROME: Hey, Professor Nemo, have you ever heard of the Green Team?

    Prof. Nemo seemed shocked by the mention of the name. It seems she did know something.

    PROF.: So they’ve made it to Nova now, huh?

    CHROME: Who are they?

    PROF.: They’re a crazy activist group that tries to promote more rural areas and less urban cities. They’ve been lying low lately, but they’ve never gone any farther than Fortuna City. That’s why I’m shocked to hear you mentioning them.

    Fortuna City. It was Chrome’s birthplace. Now, it was crowded by activists. Still, why would an activist openly attack Chrome for his newly caught Pokémon?

    CHROME: Thanks, Professor.

    PROF.: No problem. Hey Chrome, when you’re finished battling the Nova Gym, give me a ring. It’s something I want you to do for me.

    CHROME: Uh, sure. No problem.

    PROF.: Alright, see you later.

    The Professor hung up. The talk with her gave him the boost he needed to get through this city and actually make some strides in this journey of his. Though, even he was unsure of how long this would last.

    Walking out the door, Chrome took a deep breath with Pichu of his shoulder, appearing to mimic him. He took a good look at the clear sky and decided to make his way towards the gym.
    Just then, a woman ran into him at full force, knocking him down and falling on top of him. The awkward positioning caused both parties to become silent for a brief moment until the mystery woman finally struggled to get off of him.

    ????: Sorry! I am so sorry!

    She was quite embarrassed, made obvious by her red face as she helped him up.

    CHROME: Uh, it’s alright. We all have our moments.

    ????: I was in such a rush that I didn’t even pay attention to the door opening. I’m Marie, by the way.

    CHROME: Hi there, I’m Chrome. What were you in a rush for, Marie?

    MARIE: I was going to go out into Route 603 to catch an Azurill near the lake before the sun sets. They don’t show during the nighttime and I’m always forgetting to grab one during the day.

    CHROME: Um, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what do you need an Azurill for anyways?

    MARIE: Well, I think he’ll be a cutie for Pokémon contests. But I really want to catch one in order to have a better chance against the Gym Leader, Lita. She’s a Rock-type master.

    Chrome and Pichu both tensed up a bit. Even the young Pichu knew that rocks didn’t conduct very well. He would be at a huge disadvantage if he fought against one of Lita’s Pokémon. To add, Chrome only had two Pokémon. He was busy only catching special ones that he forgot about how he might actually need some of the more prominent ones. In that moment, Chrome made his first strategic decision as a trainer.

    CHROME: In that case, you don’t mind if I come with you, do you, Marie?

    Marie’s blush got brighter.
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